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Who are we?

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We are the leaders in:
  • Vocational Education and Training that achieve real organisational and economic results
  • Forensic Training Needs Analysis
  • Capability Based Training
  • Training Systems Design
  • Organisational Learning and Development 
  • Strategic Organisational and Training Reform

Since 1990 we have been setting the standard for corporate success through innovative and surprisingly simple business solutions. Our aim is to create work environments where:

  • all staff have clear guidelines about what their job is and how it aligns with the organisation's vision and strategic plans;
  • training and performance management costs are slashed - sometimes eliminated altogether;
  • dynamic teams grow to meet and overcome challenges in even the most complex and chaotic work environments; and
  • staff not only enjoy coming to work but will fight to hold onto their jobs - simply because of the enjoyment they get out of doing the hard things easy, and the most complicated things simply.

For nearly three decades we have worked with small and large workgroups, organisations and industries. We have also worked with governments and international steering groups to define and implement models of human performance that achieve individual, group, business and national objectives. And the success that our clients have achieved has been measured in the millions of dollars - profit earned and costs saved.

Not only have our clients reaped the benefits of our services but whole industries, and nations, have been modernised and created new futures for themselves.

Today we have taken this expertise to a new level. With our consultants designing and implementing these systems for countries around the world we are now offering the same models of excellence to public and private sector organisations as they struggle to survive in these troubling times.


Let us do the same for you.

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