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Why is 3GPM so different?

We are different from other organisations in that we believe that you know more about your business - its vision and goals - than anyone else. Why? Because you are living them.

This is an important point because your objectives today may change tomorrow, and if a consultant redesigns your systems to achieve today's objectives then tomorrow you may find that they incapable of meeting your objectives of the future and you will have to start all over again.

Not a smart way to spend shareholder's investment, is it?

We are different because we, like you, are unsure about what the future may bring. So we work together to prepare your organisation and its people to not only meet the needs of the future but to influence and shape the future so that it meets the needs of your organisation and its shareholders.

To do this we adopt the role of a coach - someone who works with what your organisation has and helps it become the best that it can be, whatever that is.


What is a business coach?

Business coaches are like sports coaches in that they both have only one thing on mind - the ongoing success of the teams with which they work. And just like a sport coach it is only when the team are winning their games that he/she knows that his/her efforts are directly in line with the needs of the team. As they achieve their objectives so too does the coach.

The purpose of a coach is to work with a team as it puts into place the strategic and business objectives it must achieve if their organisation is to achieve its desired aims. The coach doesn't do the work but instead makes adjustments to the style and direction the team are heading, the way they work individually or together, or just to the way they think about things. The coach is the the most important team player who never takes to the field.

It isn't just sports teams that use coaches: Singers, actors, professional bodybuilders, all employ a coach to help them become the best that they can be. Why? Because they know that to achieve the heights that they want to achieve they cannot do it alone.

Successful companies - in both the private and public sector - are bringing into their team a trusted third-party who can act as a guide, mentor, collaborator, or simply someone who can listen while the person being coached kicks ideas around and formulates a plan to take them from where they are to where they want to be. The job of the coach is to critically analyse where the team is now, where it wants to be, and works with the team to put in place the strategies and plans to bridge the gap between the two.

And who best to bring onto the team than a coach who has not only been around that track a few times before, but also actually helped to build the track. Because our team has for so long been at the cutting edge of modern human and team performance systems and techniques we know not only where and how long the track is, but also the potholes and hidden obstacles which ordinary coaches may not see until it is too late.


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