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InVETS is the International Vocational Education and Training System. It is not a new way of undertaking VET, nor is it a new system added to the more than 200 which are found around the world today. It is a way of understanding what VET is, how it may be made more effective, and how trainers, assessors, students/trainees, employers, and qualifications providers may participate in a new approach to achieving problems that current VET systems fail to address.

3GPM offers the following services to assist organisations to make sense of VET, and see how they can exploit any VET system to achieve business and strategic goals and objectives.  


Training system design

Design, development and implementation of the steps, processes and policies required to ensure that business and strategic objectives are achieved, at all levels, and the purpose of the organisation is achieved.

Workplace success doesn't just 'happen' - the steps towards it must be identified, shaped and then followed.

It is a disappointing truth that today many of the skills and much of the knowledge that staff bring to a job are not aligned with either the needs of that job or the strategic vision of the organisation for whom they work. This is a truth, but it need not be a fact.

Every successful organisation has a system by which the learning and development of all employees is shaped around one objective - the achievement of strategic and business outcomes. And if significant expense is going to be made into creating strategic and business plans then surely the same should be made into designing a system which enables staff at all levels to put them into action.

The keys to success are found in identifying the desired outcome and then ensuring that a map is created which takes an organisation from where it is now to where it wants to be in the future. Business and economic success cannot be achieved any other way.

This is the Learning Organisation System that many are talking about but few know how to create, implement and maintain.


Skills and knowledge development

Developing key personnel capable of continuing the drive towards total quality improvement and the achievement of goals we don't even know we need yet, and success that we don't even know we are capable of achieving.

Too often.....

... consultants arrive, design and present their solutions, and leave without ensuring that any success they achieve is capable of being maintained.

... individuals are trained but their skills are either out of date, or not in line with what the organisation needs.

... employees are provided with new skills and knowledge and then resign because they cannot apply them in their workplace.

... new ideas are brought into an organisation but in a very short time those who know how to apply them are shifted to another position.

At 3GPM we take a different approach. We are only assured that we have done our job when your organisation is capable of replicating any success we bring, time and time again. More importantly, we are only satisfied when your staff and organisation are capable of achieving outcomes that are not yet even thought of, and achieving objectives that they don't even know are their's to achieve.

In this way we help our clients address the complex and often chaotic world in which they exist - and go on to greater strengths and achievements.

But, more importantly, we help our clients create the future, to build the pathways that others strive to follow, and to stay one step ahead of the competition. That is our objective.



Targetted recruiting

Saving your organisation $$$$$$ by getting the right people, to the right place, at the right time - first time, every time. 
Are you fed up with . . . . 
  •     ...investing large portions of your recruitment budget in high profile agencies only to find that after months of waiting you still don't get the candidate you need? 
  •     ...reading dozens of applications and CVs and not finding any that really address what you're looking for? 
  •     ...hiring people, investing in their induction and initial training, and months later finding that despite them being well qualified for the job, their personal attributes are not at a level which enhances team harmony and collective growth? 
  •   ...not even seeing the really good applicants because those doing the initial screening don't understand either what you really want or how the applicants can help you achieve even greater outcomes? 
  •   ...missing out on chances to grow your business because someone may have understood your current needs but not the future ones? 
  •   ...hiring new employees only to later find that their CV didn't accurately reflect their experience or abilities? 
  •   ...wasting time and effort interviewing applicants who, on paper, looked worthwhile but in reality could never deliver what you're after? 
  •   ... not having enough time to do your own job because you're too busy doing somebody else's?

Each year millions of dollars are spent on hiring new staff. Most of this is spent in the process of advertising, screening and interviewing. Let us help you reinvest that money into other things, like better training for the staff that you have rather than wasting it on applicants that you don't need.  

Let us help you by . . . . 

  •    ...working with you to accurately define exactly what you are looking for in terms of experience, skills, knowledge and attributes. 
  •   ...helping you determine the standards against which applicants are to be assessed on recruitment and into the future. 
  •   ...screening out those applicants whose background and experience do not prepare them for your future.
  •     ...providing you with a closely researched summary of strengths and weaknesses which enable you to select the best candidate for the job, not necessarily the most qualified or experienced. 
  •   ...ensuring that you get the right people, for the right job, at the right place and the right time. 

All for a fraction of what you are spending right now. 

(PS – We are NOT a recruiting agency. We’re just doing the job they should be doing!)

Organisational consulting

Strategic assessment of the pathways between an organisation's day-to-day operations and the CEO's vision, and between what happens on the shop floor and the objectives detailed in the organisation's strategic plan. 

Is your organisation, and everyone within it, following your strategic plan? How do you know? On an individual level, how hard is it for managers to complete performance appraisals and provide the appropriate rewards and recognition to those who have actually contributed the most to your organisation's success?

Too often an organisation's failure comes about because there is either no strategic vision or those who should be working towards it either don't know what it is or are busy doing other things.

Isn't it about time this changed?



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